Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Hello Cyberspace!!!

Well, looks like i've finaly done it... I've become so bored that I have decided to start a blog... oh well, could be worse... somehow.

Anyway, if I'm sad enough to write it, someone will be sad enough to read it... thats YOU! Unlucky mate. You get to read through what is essentially a list of my ramblings and complaints until you decide you have had enough. I warn you... stop now.

You're still here? Are you mad? You wanna find out a bit about me I suppose... *groan* oh ok, here we go...

My name is Adam Flannigan, I'm 19 and I live in Newcastle Upon Tyne in England. I'm in uni at the mo' studying a degree in Film and Television. It's mint! But not as mint as my girlfriend Vikki, the problem there is she lives all the way down south :( This means I only see her at weekends, but roll on August/September we are moving out together which will be amazing!!!

See, I'm not all gloom and doom! Just mostly lol

I love music. I have my faves in every genre, I like pretty much everything, but if you ask me I usually say I prefer rock/metal/indie. If you want to know which band I idolise you need look no further than my massive System Of A Down collection that dominates my room. No doubt you will see it on this blog soon. I have lots.

I'm pretty much the same with films, there is lots I like. But I prefer to make films rather than watch them. It's hard for me to pin down my favorate films... so I'm gonna tentitivly say 300 and The Matrix Reloaded. To be honest these films are amazing, but I'm not really into the action film as genre (I much prefer comedys) but I love these two and could watch them over and over and over again.

January seems like a good time to start a blog doesn't it? It's a new year, a new beginning. Last year was a bit wierd for me because it has been the best year of my life, but also the worst! Does that make sense? Of course not 'cos I said it... You probably know what I mean.

Anyway, I can't believe you are still reading this!!! If you are not Vikki and you have suffered through that then you deserve a blue peter badge! How was my first blog? A bit shit? Yeah that's what I thought...


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  1. Good first blog!! See, it's not shit, and you'll get used to it the more you write. Anyways, well done