Thursday, 15 January 2009

What Makes My Life Worth Living...

God bless The Hives. Not because of their quirky,driving, pounding songs or sharp dress sense, nor because of their insane live performances and wierd swedish accents. No, I owe so much to this dapper quintet because with out them I would not have found true love.

Vikki Howe (someday Vikki Flannigan (she already is on facebook!)) really is the most wonderful person you are ever likely to meet. Sexy, intelligent and always up for a good time, she never fails to bring a smile to my face :)

'So, Adam...' I imagine you asking, 'how does a ugly so-and-so like you end up with such a hot bird?'

Well, firstly I don't appreciate being called ugly, and 'hot bird' is a rubbish way of describing her 'cos she is so much more than that... but I shall answer your drooling scrawl of a question anyway...

Would you believe I actually did nothing at all? All I did was say, 'Yeh, sure I'll meet you in Newcastle' and next thing I know I got this exact text message;

"I do love you, Adam Flannigan. Have a nice day :) xxx"

Pretty awesome eh? And things have been getting better ever since! We have been together for almost six months now and they have been without question the best six months of my life!

You want highlights? Well there are far too many! How could I possibly choose? Assorted visits to Glasgow, first of several kisses at Exhibition Park, Birthdays (complete with surprises), but what I like best is too see her happy. I love her smile.

I love her smile, her eyes, her everything! I love Vikki Howe. She often seems to hide away from the world behind her unecesary eyeware and disguise her stupendously stunning figure under a thick waterproof coat, but amist the timid shyness, Vikki is the most amazing person ever to walk God's green earth.

To write down all of her qualities would be like re-writing the thesaurus definitions of 'sexy', 'brilliant' and 'clever'. She really does have it all, the only thing holding her back is her own self image. This sort of annoys me at times, how can anyone so perfect think badly of themselves?

There is very little she does that annoys me, other than making me stay up on MSN 'till the early hours of the morning *yawn* causing me to fall asleep randomly though the day... but she's getting past that now :P

Other than that minor thing, she is always there for me. She looks out for me and looks after me when I'm down. She loves me. That is the single most important piece of knowledge I will ever gain and I will treasure it forever. She Loves Me! :D

She is coming to live with me soon. The anticipation is driving me wild!!! Even tomorow would be a day too late, she should be here now!!! I'm always missing her and she never leaves my headspace ever.

The very first thing I do when I wake up is to send her a text message or read a text message from her. Yes, I lye in bed and read my phone as soon as my eyes open, and just before my eyes close at night, I am shutting down the computer after a lengthy convosation with her. She really is the first and last thing I think about every day.

Yes it sucks that she lives so far away. But I'm still undeniably incredibly lucky to have her. I just wish we didn't have to be apart. I often get emotional when I hear the lyrics 'Dear God, the only thing I ask of you is too hold her when I'm not around 'cos I'm much too far away' because I know how it feels. I need her around.

I love it when she stays over. I get to wake up in the same bed and feel the warm softness of her body and I get to know that I really am the most lucky person in the world.

I like too surprise her too, just to see her shocked face. :) It's so cute lol. Can't wait too see what she thinks of my Valentines Day present... I hope she likes it :P

I could probably carry on writing this forever, but I'm sure you are sick of all this romantic sop by now, and since I clearly have no intentions of describing my sex life online you will probably stop reading now hehe, pervert.

To conclude, Vikki is the reason I do everything I do! I want her to be happy so I can be happy... because that is how it works :) This blog does not do her any justice either. I'm not a skilled enough writer to embody my feelings for her in prose. Maybe I'll have another attempt later.

The most important thing in life is to find your solemate... Thank you for doing the leg work Vikki xxx

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  1. aww this is really adorable thank you so so much :D